Efficient management of energy processes and billing with SimpleView Technology

Energy suppliers and property managers are facing a legal challenge:

The digitization of their processes.

The current stone-age problem of energy suppliers and business partners:

Delayed cash flow — accumulating risk positions

Energy consumption is not available on demand

No efficient procurement and planning of energy volumes and services

E2E processes and real-time data are not available

The most important question is...

… who will prevail in the energy and services market of the future and based on what concept?

The change of
the energy and services market

Put an end to rough estimates and finally gain clarity!

Every household, every company, every property manager, and every electricity supplier know it all too well: the bill with your payment plan.

Benefits of Simple View
in conjunction with a smart meter:

Transparency for ALL parties involved with respect to costs and returns

Checking energy consumption and additional costs directly in the app or cloud

The customer pays for exactly the amount of energy used in a month

Energy suppliers can optimize their energy procurement

No more manual readings required

SimpleView can be combined with IoT devices like smart meters. IoT (Internet of Things) devices are continuously connected to the internet and can collect and transmit data.

End-to-end — software that covers all sub-processes from a customer first showing interest to actually providing the services!

SimpleView is:

  • null Your master data management with geocoding functionality “Is this address correct?”
  • Support for customers and potential clients
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Proposal preparation and calculation
  • Event and campaign management
  • Customer Self Service

  • null Customer contract management
  • Invoice generation and delivery
  • Organization of supplier contracts
  • Document management

  • null Employee master data
  • Work time tracking
  • Billing
  • Personnel planning

  • null Business partners such as suppliers, commission recipients, etc.
  • Property management
  • Time series creation
  • Portfolio management

  • null Create, manage, and edit your products
  • null Your budget planning and sales figures overview

SimpleView is suitable for all company sizes. Real-time data — available everywhere in sync.

There is only one question left

How can you use SimpleView today?

During your initial consultation you will learn how SimpleView can be integrated into your company. Together we will develop a strategy on how to digitize your company and your business processes with SimpleView.

Digitize your company and save time and money!
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