Manage all company processes with a few mouse clicks thanks to the SimpleView Technology

The challenge for companies of all sizes is to effectively manage all processes while easily maintaining an overview.

One programme here, another there: CRM, ERP, Customer & Supplier Lifetime Management, various marketing solutions etc.: All company programmes come with fancy names – but usually only offer solutions for specific areas.

Whether they are start-ups, SMEs or large companies -

many have not yet arrived in the digital world and are struggling with Stone Age problems:

The cost and time required to use many different programmes is immense

The different software solutions are not compatible with each other

Processes and data are not available in real time

The full potential of your data remains untapped

The lack of an overview of the finances can lead to legal and fiscal problems...

The most important question is...

… which software can help you to assert yourself as a company of the future in a simple, inexpensive and up-to-date way

Digitalisation as an opportunity

not everything would be so cumbersome

there is always something missing that delays rapid processing

Your employees would not have to search endlessly for contacts, contracts and documents

you would not have to bother with entering codes to manage processes, and if

you could see at a glance where your company stands financially?

WithSimpleView a mouse click is all it takes!

End-to-End: ONE Software forALL business processes

50% cheaper than other all-in-one business solutions

No installation necessary, all data is safely stored in the cloud (DACH room)

SimpleView is multilingual and ready for global use

Adaptable and scalable for all industries and company sizes

Intuitive operation, no lengthy training required

SimpleView grows with your company, additional functions can be activated with a few clicks

With SimpleView you can finally use all the possibilities of the digital world for your company!

End to End - One single software for
all business processes

SimpleView offers you the comfortable administration and execution of all company-relevant work steps in one program. All data and information is always available at a glance – across departments, synchronously and in real time!

SimpleView combines ALL solutions in one programme:

  • Customer and prospective customer service
  • Lead- and Opportunity Management
  • Calculation
  • Quotation preparation
  • Billing
  • Master data management
  • Contact management
  • Document management
  • Manage customer contracts
  • Organise supplier contracts
  • Document Management
  • Import/ Export of contract numbers
  • Time series
  • Calculate forecast per contract
  • Create and send invoices
  • Events
  • Mailings
  • Templates
  • Statistics
  • easy finding of address data and validation in integrated card function
  • Mapping of quantities of any kind at the delivery point, such as oil, gas, heat, etc.
  • Pricing of quantities directly at the delivery point
  • Employee master data
  • Recording working times
  • Create statements of account
  • Personnel Planning
  • Manage real estate
  • Create time series
  • Portfolio Management
  • Create, manage and customise your products
  • Calculation, calculation of profitability
  • Budget planning and insight into sales figures
  • Customer portfolio
  • Supplier portfolio
  • Create portfolios of any kind simply and quickly, such as by product or region
  • Access for partners, such as customers and suppliers to their own data, such as master data, contracts etc. in SimpleView My Cloud

The ingenious thing about SimpleViewYou can implement and purchase all programme modules separately.

Only one question remains:

How can you use SimpleView now?

In the initial discussion you will learn how easily SimpleView can be integrated into your company. Together we will work out a strategy for the digitalisation of your company and your business processes with SimpleView.

These companies rely on SimpleView as their business software and are already taking advantage of the benefits of digitalisation:

Digitise your company NOW and save time and money!